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Machine Tools Syndicate has a state-of-the-art manufacturing from machines and tools developed with innovative ideas and skills are employed in the manufacturing process to ensure better yield and thus competitive costs. We use a combination of traditional skills and new technology to maintain consistent quality all across the production range.
Moreover, our manufacturing unit featuring with Lathes, Auto Screw machines, Semi-Automates, Forging, silver Plating, Debarring, Ultrasonic cleaning etc. to achieve good quality and high performance products. The product development is followed by extensive testing that done within our facilities and a prototype is then developed. We work closely with our customers to optimize integration of material, product design and manufacturing processes to minimize costs and deliver customized products & services.
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Shop No: - 2, Bhanu Housing Co-operative Society,
Khopat, Thane (West), Mumbai: - 400 602.
Tel. No: - +91 22 6526 8721, Fax No: - +91 22 2547 5349.
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